About Us

As a subsidiary of Moneycopilot, LLC, MEOR Services, LLC is an employer of record company. Our main mission is to provide employer of record services including payroll and benefits management to customers of Moneypilot, LLC in order to provide member/employee benefits at scale. We are the employer of record for all Moneycopilot affinity group incubation companies.

Through partnerships with Gusto and Intuit QuickBooks as well as services like $afetyNet, MEOR Services, LLC helps small business and self-employed customers accomplish payroll and benefits for their employees in a way that allows them to focus more on running their business. As an added benefit for those who aren't disciplined with handling the various tasks associated with establishing and maintaining payroll and benefits, customers can even opt to turn over some or all of those tasks to MEOR Services, LLC.

The team is passionate about applying solid financial management principles for the benefit of traditionally underserved groups. They take an approach to payroll and benefits management that can be applied as a template to the average small business with varying revenue levels.

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