The $afetyNet Employer of Record Payroll and Benefits service enables you to simplify your business or self-employment income and not have to worry about the typical headache and challenges of satisfying federal and state employer requirements and protecting yourself when you are self-employed.
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Believe it or not, companies that choose to pay their workers as contractors are indirectly contributing to the demise of medicare and social security and more and more people in debt and living paycheck to paycheck. They are contributing to the demise of medicare and social security due to contractors not contributing to those programs when they’re involuntarily unemployed yet still being eligible to collect from these programs under disability and later in life. They are contributing to more and more people living paycheck to paycheck due to no unemployment, workers compensation, or other insurance helping those contractors when they experience an involuntary interruption in income. When you starve any insurance program of money to support itself and those it serves, no wonder these programs look like they’re about to go under… reducing benefits, increasing requirements and/or age to qualify. They have less and less in the way of resources to be able to meet promised obligations. And, unfortunately, regardless of the goal of independent fiscal responsibility, so many people don’t plan for the future by saving for retirement, for times that they might be unemployed, nor by purchasing disability insurance on their own. Businesses large and small should be working hard to avoid that outcome and improve the lives of all Americans. Make your workers employees and, if you find that goal to be too complicated to do on your own, let MEOR Services, LLC, a subsidiary of Moneycopilot, LLC, help you make it easier.

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