Payroll & Time

Gusto is our preferred partner for payroll, benefits and HR. Loved by thousands of small businesses, we’re excited to share how Gusto can support your hardworking team. Helping small businesses grow is a passion that we share and Gusto brings innovative technology, peace of mind, and hours of saved time to the small business experience. With existing resources, processes, and workflows to make you shine as a business owner and employer, we advise anyone who is even considering hiring employees and engaging contractors to take a serious look at what we can offer with Gusto. MEOR Services, LLC is People Advisory Certified and ready to help you succeed!

While Gusto is our preferred partner for payroll, benefits and HR, we also offer an alternative for our Intuit QuickBooks customers who want payroll and time tracking added on to their existing QuickBooks Online subscription. Gusto successfully syncs payroll and benefits expense data into QuickBooks Online and other accounting systems, but we are also able to work with those who prefer to keep everything within the ecosystem of one platform.

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